Open water construction Poplar Island

Marine Construction Services

Marine construction projects have many unique challenges: weather, tides, currents, access, and more. Our work in the Great Lakes, New York, and Chesapeake Bay regions has involved land- and water-based projects requiring unique equipment and specialized practices. From shoreline restoration to breakwater installations, to wetland rehabilitation and shallow- and deep-water dredging, The Wesson Group has the experience and know-how to meet the challenges of marine construction. And we take special pride in keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

Open water construction Poplar Island

Shoreline and Stream Reconstruction

Shoreline restoration is vital to water and healthy habitat for land and marine animals. The trend toward increasing water levels and storm events requires armoring shorelines against erosion. The Wesson Group has used hard armoring with stone and streambank armoring with timber and root ball to protect established and newly developed shorelines.

The Wesson Group installed a low, stone sill to protect a newly installed emergent wetland on Lake Ontario’s Braddock Bay.

Open water construction Poplar Island

Breakwater Installation

Breakwater installations provide wave protection for harbors and inland bays. The Wesson Group’s breakwater projects have used materials ranging from small bedding up to 3-ton armor stones. Our work is central to helping abate the challenge of rising water levels and intensified wave action that threatens coastlines, beaches, and wildlife habitat.

Our expansion of the existing dikes and breakwater structures at Poplar Island on the Chesapeake Bay involved open-water construction using 500,000 tons of stone, geotextiles, and 800,000 cubic yards of sand.

Braddock Bay Barrier Beach and Wetland Restoration

Wetland Restoration

Wetland restoration can involve channel excavations, replanting vegetation, and invasive species control. The Wesson Group has addressed the threats to our region’s wetlands through a variety of projects.

The Wesson Group restored a 140-acre wetland at Braddock Barrier Beach. The project required channel and pond excavation of an existing marsh, followed by installation of a completely new emergent wetland with hundreds of new plantings and seedlings.

Open water construction Poplar Island

Shallow- and Deep-Water Dredging

The Wesson Group’s dredging services include river bottoms, lake beds, ocean shorelines, and more. Dredging is vital to protecting water quality, marine-life habitat, and waterway navigation.

The Wesson Group employed both mechanical and hydraulic dredging at the Braddock Bay Beach project to mine sand fill for breakwater construction and to provide maintenance dredging for a recreational boat channel.